First shower with Handso

Shower with Handso

Shower with Handso

Handso combined with our Body Soap and a small amount of water can make a soft lather ready to cleanse your body. Place the bristles on your body, apply a little pressure to your skin and use it just like any sponge or brush.

We want your first experience with Handso to be fulfilling and easy; therefore, we have prepared a list of tips. 🧼

  • Before showering take a moment to familiarize yourself with Handso and Body Soaps;
  • Use our Body Soaps the first time you use them, (each 50g Body Soap guarantees a dozen showers) they are cold processed this makes them easily soluble and perfect for Handso;
  • Fill Handso with lukewarm or hot water, this will help foam production, start shaking it for at least a minute while you are in the shower, do not rush it;
  • Pass Handso over the body in gentle movements , describing small circles and exerting light pressure on the skin.

But let's go in order, here's your Handso

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The silicone bristles are hidden by a "lid" that serves two functions: to protect them and to prevent any soap and water residue from leaking out of Handso while you are carrying it on trips or to the gym.
To open this "lid," you simply pull it open as in the video.

To insert the soap unscrew the cap that is on the opposite half from the bristles, just as you would with a jar cap.
This cap can stay in 3 positions:
- closed;
- ascigating;
- open.
As you switch to the drying position you will hear a small "click." Open it completely and insert the bar of soap.

Now fill Handso with water up to the side holes and screw the cap back on.

Now shake Handso at least for a minute while you are under the water. Pull off the "lid" and start soaping yourself.
NB: If you don't want to put the "lid" down because you are at the gym or outside your house remember that you can stick it on the cap you unscrewed to insert the bar of soap.

Now pass Handso over your body applying light pressure to the skin describe circular motions and proceed like this all over your body.
Remember the amount of foam produced depends on various factors:

  • cold-processed soaps such as our Body Soaps dissolve more easily, creating more lather.
  • Fill Handso with warm or hot water for best results
  • the more pressure you exert while passing handso on the body the more foam will come out

In general, at the beginning the amount of foam is less than the amount that will come out as you progress all over the body, do not rush and take your time.

When you have finished washing pass Handso under water to remove the foam on the outside cover the bristles with the lid.

To best store the bar of soap inside proceed as follows:

  • Unscrew the cap and rinse the inside well, removing any residual foam;
  • Close the cap and leave it in the drain position.

At this point you can hang it with the string or magnetic holder. Excess water will drain out of the side slots by itself.