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Our Mission.

The problem

Millions of bath product packaging is thrown away every year, and sustainable alternatives fail to overcome convenience and laziness-until now.

With Handso, we want to shake up the disposable culture of bath products without ever compromising convenience or effectiveness.

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The solution

Single-use plastic is a problem, so we created Handso a soap dish that you use like a bath sponge, is reusable and will last a lifetime.

No more empty, bulky bottles of shower gel in the bathroom. On the plane or at the gym, you will no longer need additional containers. Ricaria Handso, take it with you wherever you want or use it in your shower.

Every year you can save
up to 1.5kg of plastic.

Change is not easy

Using soap bars is not easy, especially when you are not at home. That's why we came up with Handso.

Changing people's habits is even harder and that's why we created Handso

More than 5,000 people have supported our project and are now part of the change, if you are not satisfied you will have 30 days to receive a refund.

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Content is important

Our soaps are the result of collaboration with the best Italian aritigiani, we select the best formulations to respect the planet and offer you quality products.

Our Body Soaps are made with raw materials of organic origin, Vegan certified and smell great.

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