The soapbox revolution

No more slippery soaps and worn-out sponges. Handso is the soap dish that you use like a sponge. Insert your favorite soap, run it over your skin and enjoy the pleasure of a soft lather.

Handso is already a success!



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Claudia Tata Garulli
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Can't wait to see this amazing project becoming a reality!!!
Adam Dolman
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Order has been placed great project in helping save on plastic ☺️
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I was looking for something like this since I constantly travel for work.
Andrea Zanotti
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We need more amazing ideas like this.
Yoona Cho
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I'm super excited about this product!!!
Rachna Raghu
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This looks easy to use and has such a solid concept!

Are you ready for Handso?

A new experience
full of benefits



The soap bar is never in contact with the skin or the external environment.



Works with soap bars and solid cosmetics. You can use your favorite bar of soap.



The soft silicone bristles massage and regenerate the skin.



Take it with you on trips or to the gym without worrying about unwanted spills or stains.

How it works

1. The soap 🧼

Open Handso and insert soap. No proprietary soaps, you decide.

2. Water πŸ’¦

Fill Handso with water, less than a glass is enough. What could be better than taking a relaxing shower while doing good for the planet?

3. The foam πŸ§–

Run it over your body, enjoy the gentle lather as the bristles deep cleanse your skin and perform a gentle scrub.

han hand 3


A secure grip on the bar of soap without touching it. Slippery soapsuds will be a distant memory.

In the palm of your hand three products in one: soap, sponge and scrub.

The soft silicone bristles perform
gentle exfoliating action, ideal fora daily use.


The soap box always remains insulated and protected from the outside: bacteria, hair or excess water will no longer be a problem.

When you have finished washing, the drying function allows you to quickly remove excess water while promoting proper soap storage.

han hand 1
han travel


Size matters, and Handso's makes it the perfect travel companion.

Handso is leak-proof and is designed to fit in your bag or in the last bit of space left in your carry-on.


Handso is designed to last and save you money.

You will no longer need the classic sponges.

Each bar of soap can be used to the last ounce, when it is running low add a new one, repeat and save.


Style in the shower ...

Handso brings order to your shower. Thanks to the strap included in the package you can hang it wherever you like.

With the magnetic holder you can make your shower even more stylish and tidy.

..and in the bag!

Forget 100ml Bottles, take Handso to the airport without worry.

Handso is leak-proof and designed to fit in your bag or in the last bit of space left in your carry-on.


Handso is friend
of the planet

Each bar of soap used with Handso is one less plastic bottle that will need to be transported and once finished disposed of.


Vegan and Organic Soap

Our soaps are carefully crafted with natural ingredients proven to improve the health of your skin.

We use only natural ingredients from organic sources in our formulations to give you a luxurious in-shower experience.

All of our soaps are Vegan and Plastic Free.

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Find Your Scent Kit

3 Bio Body Soap

$ 19

han asset shop soap orange m


Orange & Ginger

4 Bio Body Soap

$ 26

han asset shop soap aloe m


Aloe & Olive

4 Bio Body Soap

$ 26

han asset shop soap acacia m


Acacia & Elderberry

4 Bio Body Soap

$ 26

Are you still undecided?

Handso is the right choice for you if:

You are practical

You use soapsuds but think they are not convenient and practical.

You are careful

You use liquid soaps but you get rid of the disposable bottles.

You are dynamic

You travel a lot or go to the gym a lot.

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