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Sustainable Body Cleansing

Revolutionize your shower experience!

No more slippery soapsuds and worn-out sponges. Handso is the ultimate solution in the shower. Insert the bar of soap, run it over your skin, and enjoy the pleasure of a soft lather.

Excellent alternative solution to the.
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Great alternative solution to plastic to avoid wasting a lot of product each time. The price of soap from them is clearly a tad higher but the quality can be felt!
A thousand advantages
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I was immediately won over by the way the product was presented, I had been looking for an alternative to a sponge for a long time, not to mention that I would use soaps in the best possible way, which I have always preferred to liquids. So what can I say, more benefits in one product, practical on vacation, nice to look at and clean, thank you very much!
Marco Garcês
This thing is amazing
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This thing is amazing, bought four, one for each family member (took so much to get them that now we are 5! 🙂 ). Love the product, I'm ordering a bunch of them for friends and family. Really recommend this to everyone who wants to stop using shower gel and waste plastic.
Kristopher Clancy
Eco-Friendly Amazingness
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I ordered the Handso because I wanted to stop buying loofas that were made from plastic that did nothing but go into a landfill never to decompose. I love the soaps we can get and the scrubbed feeling of the bristles on the Handso!
Luis Lourenço
A great soaping experience
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A small, compact solution to improve the experience behind soap using. Take the soap bar to the next level and generate a rich, dense foam. A great product, very well engineered.
I backed Handso on Kickstarter
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I backed Handso when it was still on kickstarter, and while it took them longer than expected to deliver the product, it is everything they promised. It is simple to use and works very well. The foam it produces from the soap bar is abundant and good and the bristles are comfortable.
Laura la politóloga
Nice and easy to use soap bars with an...
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Nice and easy to use soap bars with an extra of scrubing and bubbles! You can use it at home or on the go and it has really nice odour.The foam it produces from the soap bar is abundant and good and the bristles are comfortable.
La espera valió la pena
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Aunque tardó un poco en finalizar el proyecto y el producto sea algo diferente en el que en un principio se diseño. Tanto Hanso como el jabón cumplen con su propósito, estoy valorando en coger otro y probar más jabones. Felicidades Handso!
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I am really satisfied with Handso, it was a real discovery! Convenient, practical and also beautiful to look at 😉 Another thing I really want to emphasize is the QUALITY of the product. ALWAYS WITH ME 🫶🏻
Karin Pizzinini
Well spent money
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The price is a bit high, this held me back at first, but it is all worth it. Very comfortable to hold in the hand, great massage effect, and finally I found a way to finish the soap bars to the very end.
Maria Chiara Mezzasalma
Practical and ingenious
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With this practical way of showering, I discovered how essential it is to get rid of plastic. Before, I used to use different bubble baths and every month throw away the sponge because it would get ruined. Today using this system I can not only try different fragrances in a sustainable way but also carry the product with me wherever I am and without having to throw it away for wear and tear. Fantastic
Joseph Sollano
Very kind and very helpful
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Excellent experience. The support was very kind and met my needs

Handso is already a success!



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Are you ready for Handso?

A new experience
full of benefits



The soap bar is never in direct contact with the skin or external environments.



Works with soap bars and solid cosmetics. You can use your favorite bar of soap.



The soft silicone bristles massage and rejuvinate the skin.



Take it with you on trips or to the gym without worrying about unwanted spills or stains.

How it works

1. The soap 🧼

Open Handso and insert your favorite soap. We don't require exclusive soaps, so the choice is yours.

2. The water 💦

Fill Handso with water, less than a glass is enough. What could be better than taking a relaxing shower while doing good for the planet?

3. The foam 🧖

Run it over your body, enjoy the gentle lather as the bristles deep cleanse your skin and perform a gentle scrub.

han hand 3


A secure grip on the bar of soap without touching it. Slippery suds will be a distant memory.

In the palm of your hand three products in one: soap, sponge, and scrub.

The soft silicone bristles perform
gentle exfoliating action, ideal for daily use.


Size matters, and Handso's makes it the perfect travel companion.

Handso is spill-proof and is designed to fit in your bag or in the last bit of space left in your carry-on.

han travel
Disassemble Handso


The soap bar remains always insulated and protected from the outside: bacteria, hair or excess water will no longer be a problem.

After washing, the drying function quickly eliminates excess water, allowing your soap to be stored properly and last longer.


Handso was designed to last over time and save you money.

You’ll no longer need traditional sponges.

Each soap bar can be used until the last ounce. When it’s almost finished, simply add a new one, repeat, and save.

Handso is a friend
of the planet

Using Handso with each soap bar means one less plastic bottle that needs to be transported and disposed of after use.

Do you already have Handso?

Choose your body soap. Discover our fantastic collection.Enjoy a soap that lathers well, is gentle on the skin, and eco-friendly.

Are you ready to experience Handso?

Handso is the right choice for you if:

You're practical

You use soap bars but find them inconvenient and impractical.

Refill Handso

You're dynamic

You travel frequently for pleasure, work, or go to the gym.

Travel Handso

You're eco-conscious

You use liquid soap but want to get rid of disposable bottles.

OCD Handso


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