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Frequently Asked Questions

Our soaps are designed to achieve masism from Handso, leave no residue and produce a soft lather. Of course, you can insert any kind of soap bar or solid cosmetic. If your bar of soap does not fit inside Handso you can simply cut it off with a kitchen knife.

Handso is designed to cleanse the skin, if its bristles perform a gentle scrub. It can be used in conjunction with a solid shampoo on short hair (max 6-7cm).

No risk; in fact, if at the end of each use the cap is unscrewed to the "dry" position, the drainage holes will allow excess water to escape, also ensuring air circulation inside.

The return request must be made by the 15th day from the date of delivery. Every part held in the product box must be intact for a full refund.

Orders are processed within 24 hours Monday through Friday. All orders received after 11 a.m. on a Friday or a pre-holiday will be processed on the first available business day.

Shipping times vary according to desitnation countries:

Italy about 24/48hours

Europe between 7/10 working days

United States between 7/10 working days

All rigid parts of Handso are made of recyclable plastic. The soft parts made of hypoallergenic silicone.

Yes, our soaps are Organic and Vegan.

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