How to disassemble and reassemble Handso

Disassemble Handso

Disassemble Handso and clean it In this guide we will show you how to disassemble and reassemble your Handso, in case you want to clean it or for any other need with this video you will be able to do it.Do not perform these operations in the bathroom, Handso is also composed of small parts, which may inadvertently fall down the drain.

How to use the Mag Holder

Mag Holder Lanyard Handso

The Mag Holder In this guide we will show you how to use the Mag Holder. This accessory is designed to add a bit of magic to your shower by making it neater and easier to clean. Inside its package you will find: A metal diskette with a double-sided adhesive face Take the metal diskette and the cover that hides [...]

How to mount the lanyard


The lanyard Inside your Handso once you unscrew the lid to insert the bar of soap you will find the silicone lanyard that will allow you to handle it more securely and hang it in the shower from a hook. Here is your Handso Open the lid by unscrewing it counterclockwise, inside you will find the strap. Take it and store it next to [...]

What's in the box

handso box

In the box Opening the box you will find inside a fantastic Handso in the color of your choice.Unscrewing the cap of Handso you will find the lanyard that you can decide, if you want, to tie to the apposia buttonhole. Inside the box you will also find the body soap(s) you have chosen If you have decided to add a little magic [...]

First shower with Handso

Shower with Handso

Shower with Handso Handso combined with our Body Soap and a small amount of water can make a soft lather ready to cleanse your body. Place the bristles on your body, apply a little pressure to your skin and use it just like any sponge or brush. We want your first experience with [...]