Conquering OCD Skin Picking: How Handso Transformed My Skincare Routine

OCD Handso

My experience with my new Handso had really changed my skincare and confidence. 

I have a type of OCD where I pick at my skin. 

Any imperfection – pimples, bumps, scabs, etc. I also have foliculitis dermatitis, which causes lots of bumps and clogged pores.

It’s a cycle of picking, scabbing, picking the scabs, and so on. I am very self conscious about it, and often I feel like a walking scab.

The all-over gentle exfoliation that the handso gives me has really helped to reduce the foliculitis. 

I went on a trip for two weeks recently, and with all the outdoor activities and sweating I was going to do, I was concerned about flare-ups that would increase my OCD picking.

Bringing the Handso with me and being able to use my own soap that wasn’t drying was a lifesaver. We stayed in a different hotel almost every night, and I could easily throw the Handso in my bag each day. 

I am so grateful that I was able to keep to my skincare routine pretty solidly while running around another country. 

Written with ❤️
by one of our beloved customers: Tess Stilwell