Conquering OCD Skin Picking: How Handso Transformed My Skincare Routine

OCD Handso

My experience with my new Handso had really changed my skincare and confidence.  I have a type of OCD where I pick at my skin.  Any imperfection – pimples, bumps, scabs, etc. I also have foliculitis dermatitis, which causes lots of bumps and clogged pores. It’s a cycle of picking, scabbing, picking the scabs, and […]

Unveiling Handso | The Game-Changer in Personal Hygiene

Unveiling Handso

Unveiling Handso Say goodbye to the mundane and welcome the exquisite era of innovative bathing experiences with the groundbreaking product called ‘Handso’ – a bar soap dispenser designed to enhance not only your showering experience but also your approach to water conservation.   Brace yourselves as the seemingly impossible becomes possible; with Handso, your traditionally not […]